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Fitel S177 Fusion Splicer
Fitel S177
Technical Information
Developed by the Furukawa Electric Company, the Fitel S177 is the most compact and lightweight core aligning fusion splicer available today. At half the size of a regular core aligner, the new S177 nevertheless incorporates all the automated functionality of previous models. With a super fast splice time and an improved heating system, the total cycle time is reduced to under 1 minute.The S177 also comes with a built-in battery that will re-charge as long as the splicer is connected to the mains. Another industry first! It can also be supplied with an external battery which will give an autonomy of more than 350 splice/heat cycles. The unit also boasts a magnification of 608x which is easily the highest in the industry. All the splice data and more is displayed on the new Graphic User Interface or GUI. Features:
  • Smallest Core-Aligning Splicer in the world.
  • Compact & Lightweight yet rugged build quality!
  • Amazing 608x Magnification
  • Built-in battery charger works while you work
  • New user friendly interface (GUI)
PDF Fitel S177 Fusion Splicer

For more details please visit www.furukawa.co.uk

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