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SpliceMate Fujikura 11S
  • Highly portable and ideal for FTTH/FTTP solutions
  • Measures 110mm x 100mm x 80mm
  • Highly functional & performance specifications
  • Typical 60 second splice/heat cycle
  • Full Ac/DC power options available
  • Available as single fibre or 4 fibre ribbon versions
  • Reliable results
  • Intelligent splicing
  • Auto Arc Calibration
  • Dual Camera Inspection
  • Highly Portable
Spliser Fujikura 50S
  • Fully automatic core alignment with 9 second splice time for SM fibre
  • Reduced splice protector shrink time - now only 35 seconds
  • Extremely compact and lightweight - just 2.8kg
  • Automatic fibre type identification
  • Multi-position monitor for front or top mounting
  • High capacity battery option for 120 splice/shrink cycles
  • Real time arc calibration
  • Fibre clamps integrated into wind protector to reduce operation time
Fitel S121 Fusion Splicer
Fitel S121
  • 15-second splice time, fully automatic
  • 6.4mm (2.5") colour LCD monitor
  • aluminum/magnesium die-cast body, 1150g (incl. Li-Ion battery)
  • soft carry case and strap
  • average loss: SM 0.10dB; MM 0.05dB
  • 3 splice programs
Fitel S177 Fusion Splicer
Fitel S177
  • Smallest Core-Aligning Splicer in the world.
  • Compact & Lightweight yet rugged build quality!
  • Amazing 608x Magnification
  • Built-in battery charger works while you work
  • New user friendly interface (GUI)
Spliser Fujikura 17S
  • Suitable for ribbon fibre splicing
  • Cladding alignment with fixed V-groove
  • Arc calibration-free system
  • Large capacity slot-in battery
  • Simple operation steps
  • Fibre holder model, FSM-17S-FH available
Cleaver Fujikura CT-30
  • Small size, lightweight, and easy handling
  • Applicable up to 12-fibre ribbon cleaving
  • Fibre collector equipped as standard
  • 2-action operation including fibre scrap collection
  • Operation: Push back blade -> Set fibre -> Close body
  • Blade speed and anvil speed are mechanically controlled
  • Blade is common to CT-20 series cleavers
  • 16 rotating positions, 3 height positions
  • Blade life is same as CT-20 series cleavers, 48,000 cleaving
OTDR AQ7260 Yokogawa (Ando)
  • Sampling resolution: min. 5cm
  • Sampling points: max. 60,000
  • Fast measurements
  • 8.4 inch TFT-LCD color display for easy viewing
  • Large internal memory: 20MB
  • USB ports for connectivity and data storage
  • Telcordia GR 196 file format for data storage
  • Compact and light weight: approx. 3kg
S3205 Mini - Type Power Meter
  • Three 1.5V batteries can support T3205 to be in operation, at least 70 hours.
  • Calibrated wavelengths can be customized within 800~1600nm.
  • 50 dB dynamic range.
S3206 Intelligent Power Meter
  • Wide dynamic power range: 76 dB.
  • High measurement resolution: error value ?.15 dB.
  • Large LCD display screen, friendly operation interface with menu.
  • 7 types back-off colors available, with "Open", "Close", "Auto" 3 modes.
  • Auto identifying frequency, range: 10Hz - 60 kHz.
  • Data storage and update.
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    S3205 Mini - Type Power Meter
    S3206 Intelligent Power Meter
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