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Fitel S121 Fusion Splicer
Fitel S177
Technical Information
The S121A Mini Handheld Fusion Splicer is ideal for connection installations where simplicity and low cost are a requirement. Typical applications include LANs (Local Area Networks) and FTTH (Fiber To The Home) services. The S121A Fusion Splicer utilizes a T-shaped body, allowing the user to hold the fusion splicer in one hand when conducting operations in locations with insufficient working space. The S121A also comes with a standard soft carrying case and strap, so that it can be carried around the user's neck or attached to a belt. Features:
  • 15-second splice time, fully automatic
  • 6.4mm (2.5") colour LCD monitor
  • aluminum/magnesium die-cast body, 1150g (incl. Li-Ion battery)
  • soft carry case and strap
  • average loss: SM 0.10dB; MM 0.05dB
  • 3 splice programs
PDF Fitel S121 Fusion Splicer

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