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LC Patch Cords

The LC connector was developed to meet the growing demand for small form factor, higher density fiber optic connectivity. With this connector, space requirements in distribution panels, and on wall plates has been reduced by 50%. Our LC connector system deliver a high performance and easy to implement fiber optic interface in applications.

  • Small size, High precision
  • Zirconia 1.25mm cerasmic ferrule
  • Low Insertion Loss
  • High Return Loss
  • Single and Duplex type are available
  • IEC 874 tested
LC Patch Cords
LC Patch Cords
  • Telecom and Datacom Equipment
  • LAN
  • Wide Area Networks
  • Device Terminals
Insertion Loss(dB) 0.2 0.2
Return Loss(dB) 45 50
Repeatability(dB) 0.1
Durability 1000 Times
Fiber Type Corning SMF-28?9/125um
Operating Temperature (C) -40 ~ +75
Industry Standard IEC 60874
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